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One thing you’ll notice about these new form boxes is that they don’t bother to offer help.
In addition, the only help button available for SharePoint is in the top link bar—and the top link bar
is obscured by the ribbon bar most of the time. So even if you could click the darkened background,
there’d be no help to click. There is, by the way, no help button on the ribbons anywhere.
It’s a good thing you have a big topic about SharePoint to help you, because there’s not much help
available in the interface.
Create Column has two sections of settings, Name And Type and Additional Column
Settings, with an optional section called Column Validation (we’ll get to that shortly). The Name
And Type section is important because the column type you choose here defines what settings
will be available in the Additional Column Settings section below. Additional column settings
vary depending on the type of field you choose.
The Name And Type section contains the Column Name field and radio buttons to choose
the type or format the field will be. As I describe each field type here, you might want to click
each radio button to see the additional column settings that appear.
Single Line Of Text This type of field accepts text only and will display it on a single line.
It can be configured for a maximum number of characters and have a default value. The
maximum number of characters is 255, even though it is unlikely that you will be able to see
all those characters on a single line.
Multiple Lines Of Text This type of text field doesn’t have a character limit but instead
can enforce a line limit. It is also able to support rich text or even enhanced rich text (includ-
ing tables, images, and hyperlinks). If the field has modifications, it also has the option of
whether to replace the original text with the changes or append it.
Choosing to allow text to be appended in a Multiple Lines Of Text field requires that versioning
be enabled on the list. Versioning is used in this case to keep track of who modified the text in the
multiple-line text box and whose text is whose.
Thus, to allow appending text in this field, you must enable versioning first. This is one of the many
instances in SharePoint where you may need to interrupt your current configuration process to go
configure something else first.
Choice (Menu To Choose From) This type of field is for offering the user a choice among
a set list of options that you supply. It can be set to offer those choices by radio button,
dropdown list, or check box (which means the user can choose several of the options rather than
just one). There is also a setting to allow the user to ill in the field with a value rather than
pick one of the choices.
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