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6. Below the choices are the options that determine how the choices will be displayed: in a
group with radio buttons, in a drop-down menu, or with check boxes so users can choose
more than one (the data is stored in a comma-delimited field). My example uses the
dropdown menu.
7. You can also decide whether to let users ill in the field with their own value. In this
example, the users shouldn’t do that because the announcement items will be filtered by a
category. So, set the Allow Fill-In Choices to No.
You can choose to have a default value among the choices or a calculated value. You may
notice that the default value became Informational as soon as you finished typing your
choices in. If you leave it that way, as soon as you click OK, the default value will be that
first choice in the list. If you want the default value to be different, simply type it in the
default value field yourself. My example uses the first choice because Informational is
likely to be a good default.
8. Also at the bottom of the page is the option to add the field to the default view. Leave it
checked so that this field is listed in the All Items view for the list. It will be added, by
default, as the field farthest to the right in the view.
You may have noticed a Column Validation section heading at the bottom of the box
(Figure 6.15); this is new in SharePoint Foundation. It allows you to indicate a calculation
that the data in the field must meet to pass (basically, the calculation must be true or an
error occurs). In our case, there is no validation necessary, since the users can select only
one of three options in a drop-down menu.
The Column
Validation section
9. When all settings are finished, click OK to complete the column-creation process.
There should now be a Category field in the list view of the Announcements list. For the
previously created items, there will be no data in the category field, but you can use what you learned
earlier about editing a list item to add categories if you like. Note that because we made Category
a required field, if you go into the Edit Item form, you will see a red asterisk next to Category, and
you will be required to enter a category before you will be permitted to save any edit. All new
records will have at least the default value of Informational (or whatever you chose for the default).
You may have noticed, if you were editing the new item, that the category field was added to
the bottom of the item’s list of fields on the Edit Item form. However, since it is required, I would
like to put it near the top of the data entry page for the item record, for visibility and
convenience. To accomplish that, we will need to rearrange the fields in the list.
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