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Changing the Order of Fields in a List
You may remember that we rearranged fields earlier in the All Items list view, but we didn’t
actually change the order of the underlying fields of the list. We only changed the order in
which the fields were displayed. But now that we are considering data entry, the order of the
fields in the underlying list becomes important.
To change the order of a list’s fields, you must modify the list itself by using list settings. The
List Settings page is a significant configuration page. Right now we are just going to mess with
the order of list fields. We will be getting to the other settings later in the chapter.
1. To go to the List Settings page, we need to be in the List ribbon (which we should be
already to create a column). In the List ribbon, click the List Settings button in the
Settings section at the end of the ribbon.
The List Settings page has several sections. Topmost is the List information, and below
that is General Settings, which has links to all the important settings pages for this list.
Beneath General Settings is the Columns section, which is devoted to all column-related
activities, such as adding, removing, editing, ordering, and indexing columns. The last
section relates to the list’s views, focusing on the views that exist (in case you want to edit
them), creating new views, or making new views with an existing view as a base, which
is convenient.
If you are on a list with content types (covered in Chapter 8, “Introduction to Libraries”) enabled,
there may be a Content Types section displayed on the List Settings page as well. The Columns
section will then be below that. With content types enabled on a list, the list can contain more than
one kind of list item; this is useful for lists that might contain both sales quotes and sales orders,
for example. The two different kinds of list items might contain different fields, have fields in a
different order, or have different settings enabled.
We are going to focus on the Column section. All the current fields in this list are in this
section. They are displayed in the order that you see when you are creating or editing an item. You
can see their data type and whether they are required. Also in this section are the following
Create Column This field links to the same Create Column page as the Create Column
menu item from the Action bar’s Settings button. You use it to create a new field for the list.
Add From Existing Columns This option lets you choose from the site’s existing shared
columns. Shared columns are premade fields, essentially field templates, that can be added to lists
anywhere in the site collection. Fields that you create for lists cannot just be added later to this
list of site columns; you need to create them from the Site Columns gallery page. Many columns
are already set up to be shared across the site by default. These columns are pulled from the
prebuilt lists and list templates of a team site (or whatever site template you are using).
Column Ordering All the fields for this list (there are more than you’d think) and their
order are displayed on the page for this option.
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