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When filtering a view, make sure the primary, first column being filtered is the indexed one.
You can filter, sort, and group by a lot of columns in a view, but make sure that the main focus
of the filter is the indexed column and that the filter significantly reduces the items viewed.
A list can have more than one indexed field, but it is not recommended. For example, if you
had two different, popular ways to view a list, each filtered by a different field, then you could
index those focus fields for the sake of the two different views, as long as they both reduce the
number of items to around 2,000 or less (preferably far less).
In addition, this version of SharePoint includes list throttling . Set at the Web Application level in
Central Administration, list throttling essentially limits the number of items returned from the
underlying content database for a list view (trying to exceed that limit will cause failure). The
default is 5,000 items, but that can be changed. For more on throttling list views, see Chapter 10,
“Site Collections and Web Applications.”
Now that you know a little about managing list columns, let’s change our column order.
Take the following steps to change the order of the List’s fields:
1. Click the Column Ordering link in the Columns section. The Change Field Order page
that appears has only one section. It simply displays the fields for the list. The Category
field we created is at the end of the list, logically, because it was the last one made.
2. In my example, we want Category to appear between the Title field of the announcement
and the Body field. To place it there, click the down arrow in the Position from the Top
drop-down box for the Category field and change the number to . This will instantly 2
change the order of the fields, placing Category in the second position (see Figure 6.16).
Changing the field
order of Category
3. To finish, click OK.
This will take you back to the List Settings page. In Figure 6.17, you can see that the Category
field is the second field in the list. However, the point is to see how it changes the order of data
entry for the item, so in the breadcrumb in the title area of the page, click Announcements to get
back to the Announcements List content page.
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