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The List Settings
page with newly
positioned fields
The fields are not in a different order on the Announcements list page. This is because we
didn’t move Category in the view; we moved it in the list itself. To see this for yourself, create a
new item as you’ve done previously, and add some data. Note that the Category field is now the
second field on the page and that the category has defaulted to Informational as its value. Feel
free to choose a different category for your new item.
As you can see, it’s easy to add a field to a list and change the order of the fields for data
entry. The order of fields in a list is meant to facilitate data entry.
However, what if you need to do bulk data entry, such as entering several announcements at
one time? With the New button method, you’d have to enter each item individually. If you want
to populate a list quickly, you need to use Datasheet view .
It is possible that the buttons in the ribbon bar shown in these figures don’t quite match those on
your screen.
SharePoint will rearrange buttons to conserve space on the ribbon based on the size of windows.
Most of the figures show windows that are not maximized (to save space); but that doesn’t mean
you shouldn’t maximize your windows. The buttons will always be available in the correct
section, regardless of window size; they just might be smaller or under a large button for the section
with a drop down to show you the items in the section. Don’t worry if your buttons are not exactly
arranged like the ones in these figures.
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