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Caution: You might think that calculated columns would also be read-only, but that’s not the
case; if you type a value in that datasheet cell, calculated values for that field will be
overwritten in every item. This can be easily fixed by reentering your calculation formula.
A field set to
read-only in the
2. After you’ve filled the Title, Expires, and Category fields (see Figure 6.21 for an example),
simply move to the next row to ill in a new list item record. It’s that simple. Adding
items in bulk is pretty easy. Remember, you can cut and paste data from Excel or Access
to the datasheet as well. Of course, because the datasheet is based on the All Items view,
we cannot access the Body field from here, but you get the point. Data entry using the
Datasheet view is definitely more convenient than clicking the New button when you
need to enter a lot of data.
Bulk data entry in
a datasheet
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