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The maximum
date in the
Total row
If you were to go back to Standard view (click Standard View in the List ribbon) with that
Total field enabled, the total would be displayed at the top of the list.
If you find a list with a total that is hugging the top, as in Figure 6.24, and don’t want it there,
simply change the view to Datasheet (click the List ribbon’s Datasheet View button). Then go to
the Datasheet section of the ribbon, and select Show Totals to remove the Total row, which will
remove the field calculation as well. When you go back to Standard view, the total won’t be at
the top of your list. Getting a quick summary of a column of data in a list using Datasheet view
is one of those conveniences that not everyone knows about.
The Total
displayed in
Standard view
That should give you an idea of the possibilities of bulk data entry using Datasheet view.
Let’s return to Standard view and customize some views to filter the new data we’ve entered.
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