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Advanced Settings This is sort of a catchall page. There are sections for the following:
Enabling content types for this list (more on those in Chapter 8)
Setting item-level permissions
Allowing attachments for list items (which is useful if you want to add a resume or
other file to a list entry)
Whether to enable folder organization for the list
Whether to allow Search to return results for this list
New in SharePoint Foundation are the following advanced settings:
Allowing list items to be downloaded for Ofline Client. For Office integration and
SharePoint Workspace, users can cache copies of selected lists or libraries for work
Allowing or denying Datasheet view for bulk data entry. Datasheet view can be
abled if you don’t want bulk data entry to be allowed.
Disable Dialogs. This causes the forms used for item view, new item, or edit item to be
opened on a page instead of in a dialog box (which is the default behavior).
The List
Settings page
for the
Announcements list
In the Permissions And Management category are links that either do something to the list or
configure explicit accounts and permissions for it:
Delete This List Click this link to go to a page that gives you the option to delete this
list. Remember, lists are SharePoint objects; therefore, if you delete them, they will go to
the SharePoint Recycle Bin for a while before actually being removed. If you want a list
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