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a real convenience. For details, see “Specifying a Different Domain Alias for Incoming Email” in
Chapter 2, which provides behind-the-scenes additional information about configuring
incoming email for the farm.
Only a few lists and libraries are set up with the correct event handlers so they can be
configured to accept incoming email out of the box. Announcements, Calendar, Discussions,
Document Library, Form Library, and Picture Library all can accept incoming email and turn
them into list or library items. So, let’s enable incoming email for the Announcements list and
see how it’s done.
Make certain that you are on the List Settings page for the Announcements list, and take the
following steps:
1. In the Communications category, select Incoming Email Settings.
2. The Incoming E-mail Settings page that appears (see Figure 6.33) has five sections. In the
first section, Incoming E-mail, select Yes to enable this feature. That enables you to type
in the E-mail Address field.
The incoming
email settings
3. An email alias is required for the list to receive email. We’ll use announcements ; note
that the domain will already be displayed.
4. In the second section, we will choose Yes to save attachments with the list item, in case
someone has a photo, directions, or document they need to keep with the
announcement item.
5. If you don’t want to keep a copy of the email that has been sent to this list, set Save
Original E-mail to No in the E-Mail Message section. If email is successfully converted
into a list item, then you have a copy of its contents in the list already, and you are adding
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