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The SharePoint Timer job is in charge of checking the SMTP Drop folder every few minutes
to gather email for SharePoint and then distributing it to the correct lists. Therefore, in a few
minutes the email will appear in the Announcements list (Figure 6.35).
A new list item is
created via
incoming email.
Now you know two ways to add items to a list: within the list itself or via email. It would
also be good to know how a user can be alerted when something is added to the list. They could
just check the web part on the home page every day, but to make it easier, lists and libraries
come equipped with two ways for users to keep track of changes, RSS feeds and alerts .
Checking the RSS Feed Settings
Because SharePoint is accessed through the browser, it makes sense that a user would want to
take advantage of RSS capabilities to keep track of changes occurring on their favorite lists or
RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication (or Rich Site Summary to some people). In
SharePoint, RSS is essentially XML made up of channel tags that contain elements such as the
title, URL link of the site, and website description, as well as elements for each item and their
optional subelements such as author, category, and comments.
RSS readers are used to keep contact with RSS feeds to which the user has subscribed
(Internet Explorer has an RSS reader feature). They regularly check for changes by doing
regular updates, although some browsers don’t perform updates effectively and force the user to
update manually. Subscribing to an RSS feed for a list allows one to be alerted when there is a
change to the list without having to directly visit the list to see those changes. Updates can also
be received directly into the user’s Outlook application.
Take the following steps to check the settings for the RSS feed of the Announcements list:
1. Click the List Settings button in the List ribbon.
2. On the List Settings page, select the RSS settings link in the Communications category.
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