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That will take you to the RSS Feed page for the list. The RSS Feed page lists the items in the
list. An area at the top of the page describes the page and gives you a link to subscribe to the
feed. On the right is the area that gives you a search field to search within the feed page, as well
as a way to sort the items by author, date, or title.
To subscribe to the feed, click the Subscribe to this feed link in the yellow area at the top of
the RSS Feed page (see Figure 6.37).
When you subscribe to a feed in Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, the browser picks up on the
subscription and gives you an opportunity to check your feeds by going to the Favorites Center
(click the yellow star on the top left of the browser window or use the menu). Also, when you add
a feed, you can be prompted to add it to your favorites bar at the top of the page for easy use (you
can refresh the feed by just right-clicking and choosing Refresh). Each kind of browser handles
RSS feeds differently, so your performance may vary. Remember that the feed needs to be checked
occasionally; therefore, if your computer is ofline for a while, your feeds will likely be out of
sync—remember to refresh in that case.
The RSS feed for
Announcements list
Setting Alerts
Another way to keep up with changes made to a list is to set email alerts. User alerts initially are
set and managed at the web application level and are limited web-application-wide, not by site or
site collection. They can also be completely disabled at that level. (Although alerts will most often
be implemented directly by your users, as an administrator, you may be responsible for providing
basic instructions for this and similar customization features; this section will help you do that.)
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