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As the weeks pass, you may forget exactly how you set up your alert for this list. What if you
want to make a change? What if you want to delete the alert because you don’t need it anymore?
How do you bring up the alerts you’ve created?
It’s easy. There are several ways to access a user’s alerts. The two most convenient ways
are as follows:
From the Alert Me button drop-down menu. Originally we chose to set an alert on the list,
but the other option in that menu was Manage My Alerts (Figure 6.40).
Alert Me menu,
Manage My Alerts
Alerts are associated with a user’s user information. Once logged in to an account, you can
go to your account’s user information directly by clicking the Account menu at the top of
any page of the site in the site collection. In the drop-down, select My Settings. This will
take you to the User Information page (Figure 6.41).
On the User Information page for an account, the Action bar contains a link to My Alerts; it
will take you to the same page as choosing Manage My Alerts under the Alert Me button on the
My Alerts On This Site page (Figure 6.42).
The alerts will be organized by frequency. You can delete a selected alert here or just click
an alert to edit it. This is the central location for all this account’s alerts for the site, regardless
of the list.
In fact, you can also create an alert for a list or library from here. Simply click the Add Alert
link. It will take you to a page where all existing lists and libraries for the site are displayed
(Figure 6.43), called Subchoos.aspx in the address bar. Just select the radio button next to the
list or library for which you’d like to create an alert, and click Next at the bottom of the page.
You will be taken to a New Alert page for that list or library (called Subnew.aspx in the address
bar), where you can configure an alert.
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