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Exploring Prebuilt Lists
SharePoint creates several lists by default for the Team Site template. These lists are each
useful in their own right and also demonstrate the flexibility of lists. The lists are basically there to
teach you how to exploit these capabilities and encourage you to use them on their own.
There are a number of prebuilt libraries for the Team Site in this version of SharePoint as well. Those
libraries, and the reasons SharePoint provides them, will be covered in Chapter 8.
Each list that is prebuilt for the Team Site template was created from a list template. You
can use that template to create your own lists and modify them to suit yourself. You can also
modify prebuilt lists as you did with the Announcements list earlier in the chapter.
One of the preexisting lists for the Team Site template is Announcements. You’re familiar
with the simple items for this list. The Announcements list, practically more than any other
(except maybe the Links list), was meant to be displayed in a List View web part. The special
field, or trait, for this list is the Expires field. Even though it is nothing more than a date field,
the web part for this list uses a view that filters the items to display so that only items that
have not expired will be shown in the List View web part.
To get the most out of those prebuilt lists, we should explore them to see what they are
about: Calendar, Links, Task, and Team Discussion.
The Calendar list is an Events list where the default Public view is a Calendar view that
organizes events not by title but by date in a calendar layout. Also, this list has a few
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