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I assume this view exists to allow users to add someone to a calendar quickly, to see whether they
have anything scheduled for that week, and to be able to add an event to the calendar with both of
you attending.
Like Announcements, this simple list was specifically created to be displayed in a web part. It
demonstrates the use of a hyperlink field.
1. To get to the Links list, you can go to the All Site Content page from the Quick Launch
bar (Links List View web part was meant to be used on the home page, but when it’s a
wiki page, as in the Team Site template, the Links web part is not there).
2. Once you are on the content page for Links, click New Item in the Items ribbon, or click
Add New Link in the content area to create a new item.
You can see in Figure 6.49 that there are only a few fields: a hyperlink field (with a link to
click to test the URL to make sure it works), a description for the URL, and a multiple-line
field for notes about the link.
3. You can enter a hyperlink, description of the URL, and notes (see Figure 6.50 for my
example). If you click OK, the item will appear in the list’s content page.
This list doesn’t have fancy views or a lot of fields. It was meant to be a utility to add more
interaction on the home page (although the Items ribbon does have a Change Order button,
since the order in which links are displayed in a web part can be important). The items in this
list were meant to be displayed in a web part so the users don’t have to go to the list directly.
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