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A message, on the other hand, is simply based on an Item content type, like most list items.
To use the Team site’s Discussion list, just click the Team Discussion list in the Quick Launch bar.
1. To add a new discussion item, click Add New Discussion, or click the New Item button
on the Items tab of the List Tools ribbon.
2. The first discussion item in this example is going to be a welcome message (see
Figure 6.51). Notice that the body field is an enhanced content field; you can format the
text and insert tables, images, and so. After adding text to the Subject and Body fields,
just click Save to create your new discussion item.
Back at the Team Discussion list, you will notice that the discussion item looks pretty
standard for a list item: Subject, Created By, and Last Updated fields, as well as a Reply field
showing the number of replies the discussion has had.
1. To reply to a discussion, you first need to view it by clicking the item’s Title field or by
selecting View Item in the drop-down menu at the end of the title column. Strangely,
Reply is not an option on the drop-down menu.
2. Once you are viewing that item’s contents, click the Reply button on the far right of the
bar at the top of the topic (Figure 6.52).
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