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Description This field is a rich-text multiple-line field.
Start Date This is a standard date field.
Due Date This is also a standard date field. However, if you ill in both the start and
due dates of a task, you can then create a Gantt view to track the task’s progress (or you
can create a Calendar view to do the same thing if you prefer).
Figure 6.54 illustrates a sample Tasks item. Notice that the task will automatically
email the accounts in the Assigned to field if they have an email address in their user
2. Feel free to ill the fields with a start date and due date within the next several days. There
are no preceding tasks, since this is the first, so you cannot select one yet. I am going to
assign the task to the account I am logged in with ( shareadmin ) by just typing the username
in the field and clicking Check Names to resolve the account name to its full username in
Active Directory (you don’t need to Check Name if you are sure the account you typed in
is correct, but it helps avoid errors). I am going to keep the defaults of a normal priority, not
started yet, and therefore no percentage complete. Once you have filled in all fields as you
wish, please click Save to save the new task.
Tasks – New Item
Back in the Tasks list (Figure 6.55), let’s create a summary task and put a task in it (while
making that first task its predecessor).
1. To create a summary task, make sure the Items ribbon is active, and click the down
arrow below the New Item button. Select Summary Task from the drop-down menu
(Figure 6.56).
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