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Tasks list with
new task
Summary Task
option in New
Item menu
2. This will open a New Item box identical to the previous one, despite that this list item
is a type of folder. This summary task is going to contain a task that will be only the
first of several, so I am going to call this Preparations for Conference . Notice that the
original task that I created is now listed as a possible predecessor for this summary
task (Figure 6.57). Go ahead and make the first task a predecessor of the summary task
(assuming, in this scenario, that the first task should be completed before this summary
task and its subtasks can start). To do that, click the first item that was created in the
possible values box, and click the Add button to put it in the selected values box.
3. The rest of the fields can be filled as you wish, except make the date range of the
container several days long starting with today. I’m going to assign it to my account. When
you are done entering data, click Save.
Back in the list, you can now see that there is a task and a summary task in the list (and
the summary task has a predecessor listed), as shown in Figure 6.58.
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