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Due Date This is the end date for the task. This field must have a date that, for every list
item, occurs after the Start Date.
Percent Complete This optional field lets the Gantt view indicate by color how far
along a task is toward completion.
Predecessors This optional field allows the Gantt view to draw an arrow from a task’s
predecessor to this task.
4 .
For the example Gantt Column values, use the traditional Title field for the title, Start Date for
the start date, and so on. As you can see, Gantt view was meant to work with a Tasks list.
5 . Once the settings for the view are complete to your satisfaction, click OK to create your view.
The Gantt view for this version is a little different (and a bit more awkward) than the previous
version. Now the view area is split, with a divider you can drag to move, between the fields of the
list items on the left and a horizontal calendar with a bar for each date range. The date ranges have
bracket indicators at each end of the start and end date range of a task. Summary tasks are indicated
by a gray bar, with triangles indicating the start and end dates.
Note, however, that there is no indication of the subtask in the summary task container, nor its
relationship with the original task. However, the summary task is a link in the Gantt view, so you
can click it to see a Gantt view of the tasks within it.
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