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Note, however, that there is no indication of the subtask in the summary task container, nor its
relationship with the original task. However, the summary task is a link in the Gantt view, so you
can click it to see a Gantt view of the tasks within it.
In the next chapter, we’ll create some lists—several from templates and at least one from
The Bottom Line
Use and modify a list. Lists are the collaboration core of SharePoint. With the content stored
in a database, lists can be used to track data, hold discussions, manage issues, and more.
Master It How do you get to a list if it isn’t displayed on the home page?
Modify a view and create a view. SharePoint uses views to display the content of lists.
Much like reports, views can be modified to display any field in a list in any order. Custom
views can be created, with four different view formats to choose from.
Master It What are the view formats, and which would you choose to display data
grouped by a particular field?
Customize a list. The settings of any SharePoint list can be customized in a number of
ways to more conveniently store, secure, and track data.
Master It Is it possible for users to add items to lists or libraries without having to use
their browser? Are there any configuration considerations, or is it simply built in?
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