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For that reason, in my examples, I do not have Silverlight installed. If your system does, the Create
page may look a little different.
For the most part, it functions in the same way, but instead of opening a page to enter settings for
the new thing you create, the Silverlight version shows those settings in the Create box.
Issue Tracking
The Issue Tracking list is meant to capture data about troubleshooting issues, which are not
uncommon in any collaborative solution. It is very much like a Tasks list (discussed in the
preceding chapter) but includes a Related Issues lookup field for indicating what other issues in the
list might be related to the one you are entering. In addition, the Issue Tracking list was meant
to demonstrate the one workflow that SharePoint Foundation has to offer: the Three-State
workflow, which was designed to take an issue and trigger a task item to be created in the Tasks list
based on assignment. This list integrates with Outlook, Access, and Excel. Issue Tracking also
has versioning enabled to allow its comment field to append new data to the field.
Perform the following steps to create an Issue Tracking list from an existing template:
1. Go to the Create page by clicking the Site Actions menu and selecting More Options from
the drop-down menu. (You can also click the List heading in the Quick Launch bar and
then click the Create link at the top of the content area of the page; or you can just go to
All Site Content and click Create there.)
Once on the Create page (Figure 7.1), you can move the mouse pointer over the link for
Issue Tracking (in the Tracking category) and see that its description is displayed in the
area above the template categories.
The Create page
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