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5. For E-mail Notification, you could have the list send an email message should ownership
of the list item be assigned to someone other than the person who is creating it now. This
setting may be useful, but for now let’s leave the default setting of No. Keep in mind also
that SharePoint has to use processor and RAM resources for email notifications because
those functions are performed by the Timer job.
6. Once your settings are complete, click Create to create the Issue Tracking list.
Some lists are static , meaning that they contain data that can be stored permanently and never
Lists such as Issue Track ing are meant to be rev isited, and the items can be edited to reflect changes
in the status of an issue through to its completion. This is an important point. If you’ve ever tried
to keep an issues list and it failed, with nothing ever seeming to be started or finished, it might be
because a user, while actually working on the issue, had to also remember to go in and update the
list item but failed to do so. The only way an issues list w ill work is if ever yone actually par ticipates
in keeping it dynamic .
The new Issue Tracking list should appear with the list’s name and description
(see Figure 7.3). This list comes with three views: All Issues, Active Issues (which
filters out the closed Issues), and My Issues (which filters the Assigned to field by
the [Me] variable).
The new Issue
Tracking list
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