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Another SharePoint list template that you might be called upon to implement is Surveys. Surveys
have no default fields, so when you create the survey, all questions you create for the user to
answer (that is, the fields) must be custom created. Surveys have a unique graphic view of the
results available, and certain fields (Choice and Yes/No) can use a very rudimentary kind of
branching logic that can be implemented after the questions are created.
In terms of design, if you have a string of questions, SharePoint will try to keep them on a page.
If you don’t want to group questions on a page or you want to separate them so that users will have
to click Next between questions, you can use the page separator option in the section while you’re
creating a question. When you are doing branching logic, any question branching forces a page
break, so you’ll have to click Next to get to the rest of the questions. You might want to consider
where your branching questions are in the survey so you can group your questions accordingly.
Creating a survey is like creating any other list. You need to go to the Create page, either by
clicking Site Actions More Options or by clicking the List heading in the Quick Launch bar
and then clicking Create at the top of the All Site Content page.
Keep in mind that once you create a survey and choose to display it on the Quick Launch bar, a
Survey heading will appear there so the new survey can be listed beneath it. Once that heading is
created, even if you delete the survey, the heading will remain (unless you manually delete it).
1. On the Create page, click the link for Survey in the Tracking category.
The New page that opens (Figure 7.18) will have the same settings as any other new list—
Name And Description and Navigation . In addition, it will have Survey Options settings:
Show User Names In Survey Results and Allow Multiple Responses. Here you can
decide whether the survey will be anonymous to other users and whether you will allow
users to retake the survey.
The New page for
the Survey list
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