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2. For this example, name the survey SimpleSurvey (or whatever you’d like), and put a
link for it on the Quick Launch bar. Don’t show usernames, and don’t allow multiple
responses (see Figure 7.18); then click Next.
You will immediately start to create the first field for the survey, which is actually a
question (see Figure 7.19).
The New Question
page for a survey
Survey questions may seem familiar, because most of them are the standard field types of any list,
but there is an additional field, Rating Scale. This type of question will allow for several
subquestions to be rated on a number scale you specify. We aren’t using it in this example, but it is pretty
3. My example uses a simple Yes/No question. Type some text (such as Are surveys useful?
If yes, check the box below ), and select Yes / No for the type of answer.
4. In the Additional Question Settings section, you have to choose a default value. Yes is the
default. Keep it for this example.
The last section on the New Question page actually has no settings; it’s the Branching
Logic section that simply reminds you that you can use it after all the questions have
been created.
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