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The new survey’s
list settings page
By default the sur vey is set so users cannot edit each other ’s entr ies, but they can edit (and delete in
order to redo) their own. But you can set the item permissions under Advanced Settings in the list
settings not to allow users to edit or delete their own entries. This means that if they are halfway
through and click Save, they won’t be able to go back. Right now, they can.
However, there is one caveat to changing this setting. For some reason, branching logic requires
the Edit Item permission. So if the survey branches, the user gets an Access Denied error, and their
response is saved as only half-finished. Half-finished survey responses are considered drafts (ver-
sioning is on by default and cannot be changed), but not even a site administrator can access the
unfinished/draf t versions of responses. So, no one but the user can see their half-finished response,
and they’re not allowed to edit or delete it. And, if the list is set to not allow multiple responses, the
user will be given an error if they try to do the survey again.
Bottom line: resign yourself to either allowing users to edit or delete their responses in a survey or
creating the survey to do absolutely no branching logic.
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