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I hope this quick overview of the logic of surveys has given you an idea as to what you can
and cannot do with this simple list and its interesting views.
The Contacts list doesn’t have a workflow associated with it, doesn’t do branching logic, and
doesn’t have a fancy graphical summary. Its fields correspond closely to the contact records in
Outlook for easy integration and synchronization with Outlook (preferably 2010). And because
it is so easy to modify, this section is going to focus on not just the list but some of the things
you can do with it.
Do the following to create a Contacts list:
1. Click Site Actions near the top left of any content page or the home page and then select
More Options from the drop-down menu, or go to the All Site Contents page (most easily
by clicking the Lists heading on the Quick Launch bar) and click Create.
2. On the Create page, select Contacts from the Communications category. This list is going
to be used for customer contacts for this example, so on the New list page, let’s name it
Customers. Feel free to give it a description, and add it to the Quick Launch bar.
3. When you’ve completed these settings, click OK. This will take you to a standard
Contacts list content page (Figure 7.26).
New list based
on Contacts list
To see what fields a Contacts list has, feel free to click Add New Item to open the New Item
form (and Cancel when you’re done). Notice that the Last Name field is the only required field
for this list. There are a lot of fields available to ill out for a contact item. Take special notice of
the Full Name field. Even if you ill in the First Name and Last Name fields, you’ll need to type
the full name of the contact manually. You can edit that field so the full name is pulled from the
values of the First Name and Last Name fields. This will save time when entering data into the
list, and if it is pulled into Access or Excel to generate mailing lists, the Full Name field can be
used for addressing.
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