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When you delete a field from a list, it’s permanently gone; it doesn’t go to the Recycle Bin. When
SharePoint says that something you are about to delete is going to be deleted permanently, it
means it.
However, there are many things that can be deleted in a SharePoint site that are not permanently deleted
but go to the Recycle Bin. Objects such as list items, lists, and library items, including items from
galleries, such as templates, all go to the Recycle Bin when deleted. And there they stay, taking up space
in the content database for the site, for 30 days (that can be changed administratively). If a user deletes
an object on the site, such as a document or list item or even a list, they have 30 days to restore it. And
if they delete an item from the Recycle Bin by mistake, there is an administrative, site-collection-level
Recycle Bin to recover it from. But if the item is 30 days old, it’s deleted from that level as well.
In my example, several list items and some site templates have been deleted. To recover one of these
items, I just put a check mark in the box next to it and click Restore Selection in the Action bar. This
will put the item back where it was originally.
Things that are permanently deleted are list columns, sites, workflows, user accounts, web parts,
and site columns.
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