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a column you’ve created in a list and make it a site collection; you have to set it up specifically
from the Site Column Gallery page to make it available to more than one list. To use its
convenience, you have to plan for it. In other words, if there are fields you plan to use over and over,
create those fields as site columns specifically, and then use them in your lists.
In our case, the Birthday site column already exists; you just need to add it to your list. Take
the following steps to create a new field for a list from a site column:
1. Go to the List ribbon, and select List Settings.
2. On the List Settings page, scroll to the bottom of the Columns section, and click the Add
From Existing Site Columns link. Site columns are organized in groups, such as Base
Columns, Core Contact And Calendar Columns, Core Task And Issue Columns, and the
like. You can also make your own groups to organize your site columns in a way that will
be intuitive to you.
The columns available under All Groups are pretty numerous—and at this point,
probably pretty familiar. Most fields in most existing SharePoint lists have been made site
columns as well, which is really convenient. Just remember, you can’t have two fields in a
list with the same name, so don’t try to add a field with a name you already have in a list.
3. In the list of available site columns, you’ll see the Birthday field (Figure 7.30). Just
doubleclick it, or click the Add button to move it from Available Columns to the Columns To
Add box. (When you do that, the field will no longer be shown in the Available Columns
box. This helps enforce the fact that a field cannot be added twice to a list.)
The Add Columns
From Site
Columns page
4. This column does not need to be added to the default view of the list, so remove the check
from the Add To Default View option, and click OK.
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