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5. Back on the List Settings page, you should see the Birthday field (formatted for Date and
Time) in the Column section. Go back to the list’s content page, and edit the item you
created earlier (move your mouse over the item, click the down arrow on the right side of the
Last Name column, and select Edit Item in the drop-down menu, or select the item and
click Edit Item in the Items menu).
6. In the Edit Item box, you’ll have to scroll down (because when a field is added to a list, it
is appended to the bottom of the existing set of fields), but the Birthday field is right there
(Figure 7.31).
New Birthday field
from site column
7. Enter your birth date in the field (well, my example doesn’t have the correct year for me,
but you get the point), and click OK.
You’ll be back at the Customers content page. There is, of course, no Birthday field listed
because we chose not to add it to the default view, because not all users who view the list need
to see the birthdays of their clients so easily.
But now that you have a date field on this list, you can create a view by birthday so you can
see at a glance which customer birthdays are approaching. As a matter of fact, there is a view
format perfectly suited to displaying birthdays conveniently—the Calendar view.
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