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Site columns are pretty useful, and they become even more useful when you create your own. Site
columns are the property of an entire site, so once created, they can be added to any list on the site.
In my case, I’d like to create an Expiration site column with a default value of 10 days after the date
the list item is created.
To create a site column, follow these steps:
1 .
Go to the Site Actions menu, and select Site Settings.
2 .
In the Galleries category, select Site Columns. The Site Columns Gallery page displays all the
site columns in groups.
3 .
To create your own site column, just click Create. This will take you to a page filled with the
standard sections for creating a new field, except this page also has a Group section to specify
to which site column group you want to add this field. You can create your own group, or you
can use the default Custom Columns group, as I’m doing here.
4 .
The Expiration field I’m creating is a date field, with a default calculated value of today’s date
plus 10 days ([Today]+10). Because the field has a calculated value, be sure to include a
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