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Editing an Existing Field
There were a few fields already created for this custom list by default. One of them is required
automatically and can’t be deleted: the Title field. Although Title is as good a name as any for a
default single-line text field, it would better suit our purpose if it were renamed. Take the
following steps to do so:
1. Click the List Settings button in the List ribbon.
There is no link for incoming email in the Communications category on the List Settings page for
this list because custom lists don’t have the built-in email handlers that many of the prebuilt lists
do. Do not despair, though. You can choose a prebuilt list that does do email and customize it.
2. Since the Title field already exists, you are going to change it a little to it the list better.
Remember that it is a built-in field, and it generally is the field used to open a list item, so
it’s best to try to keep the field and just rename it as a Sales Order field. To edit the Title
field, click its link in the Column section. That will open the Change Column page. Go to
the first section, and change the name to Sales Order.
3. To prevent problems later, you don’t want any duplicate sales order names, so in the
Additional Column Settings section, set Enforce Unique Values to Yes (see Figure 7.37).
Unique value fields must be indexed, which does take some resources to filter and sort
huge lists and therefore should be used sparingly.
Changing the Title
column to Sales
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