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4. The rest of the defaults are fine (no description, require the field, maximum number of
characters, no need for column validation), so leave those settings as they are.
Notice that you can’t change the data type for the Title field; it has to be a single line of text.
5. Once your changes are done, click OK. A dialog box will come up warning you that
enabling Enforce Unique Value requires that field to be indexed. To accept that and finish
editing the field, click OK in the dialog box. That will take you back to the List Settings page.
That should change the name of the Title field to Sales Order, making it a little more relevant,
and cause the field to have to be unique from now on.
And now you are ready to create the other fields for this list.
Adding a Person or Group Field
On to creating the Salesperson field. You could make this a simple text field and have the users
just type in the name of the salesperson for the sales orders. But why introduce possible typing
errors when users could use simply look up the name via the Person Or Group field? Since my
salespeople are members of this site, this is a perfect it.
1. To start, click Create Column in the Columns section of the List Settings page.
2. On the Create Column page (Figure 7.38), use Salesperson (obviously) as the column
name of the Salesperson field.
The new
Salesperson field in the
Create Column page
3. For the data type, choose Person Or Group.
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