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4. In Additional Column Settings, require that this field contain information. Do not allow
multiple selections (only one salesperson gets commission per sale), and allow this field
to have only a person’s name (People Only), as opposed to allowing groups as well.
5. You can allow the field to choose from a particular site group or allow it to access all
groups (SharePoint or Active Directory) to resolve the username that is entered. For this
example, I’ll leave it set to All Users , but you might choose to only display users in a Sales
group, for example.
Because the Person Or Group field is essentially a lookup field for the People And Groups
list, you can decide what data from the user information of the person you are selecting
will appear in the field. If you type a username in the field, the value returned could be
their name with the Presence button next to it (if you have that enabled) or may be the
picture or description from their user information or their email address.
6. Leave Show Field set to Name (With Presence) (in case your organization wants to make
use of the Presence feature), check the Add To Default View box, and click OK .
Back on the List Settings page for this list, you can see that the new Salesperson field has
been created. There are several more fields to create before this list is done.
Adding Single-Line Text, number, and Currency Fields
For this example, the Sales list is also going to need some simple fields to display the name of
the item being sold, as well as the item’s cost, price, and quantity being sold. To add them, you’ll
continue working with the Create Column page (shown earlier, in Figure 7.37; this page’s
settings will change depending on the column type you choose). While you’re at it, you’ll finally
do a little field validation on the quantity field to see how it works.
1. To create the Item Sold field, while in List Settings, click Create Column, and enter the
following values:
Column Name: Item Sold
Type: Single line of text
2. In Additional Column Settings, require that this column contain information and
otherwise keep all defaults (don’t enforce unique value, 255 character maximum, no default
value, no column validation, and add to default view), and click OK.
3. To create the Cost field, click Create Column, and enter the following values:
Column Name: Cost
Type: Currency
4. Set this field’s other settings as follows: require that this column contain information, and
specify a minimum value for this column at 5.00. This means that it will not be possible
to save the item unless the value of this field is greater than or equal to 5.00. Leave the
decimal and default values as they are. Leave the Currency format at the U.S. default. Do
not configure Column Validation. When you are done, click OK.
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