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column validation
5. The User Message field should contain text that explains why the failure occurred and
what should be done to ix it. Enter appropriate descriptive text. In our case, as you saw
in Figure 7.39, I entered Cannot sell more than 10 of a particular item per order . It’s also
good practice to state within the field description what values are valid; this will help
prevent errors to begin with.
6. When you’ve finished configuring column validation and the rest of the settings, click OK.
Often, if the column validation formula, or more specifically the syntax used in the formula, is
wrong, SharePoint won’t let you create the field (yeah, just for the formula, you won’t be able to
create the whole field). The error will, unhelpfully, offer some links to help or troubleshoot SharePoint,
but it often won’t really tell you what went wrong. Thankfully, if you just click the Back button on
your browser, it w ill go back to the Add Column page, which w ill still have your settings. (Remember
when good UI design made sure you never left the page to navigate?)
Something to keep in mind is that if you use any text in your formula other than a field name, you
must put it in quotes. Otherwise, the formula will think you’re referring to some other field, which
is a no-no.
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