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The Sales list with
additional items
Once both lists have these additional entries, it’s time to connect the lists so you can see how
related lists work.
To use Insert Related List, you must go either to any view of the content page of the list that is
the source (or parent) of the relationship between the lists or to a wiki or web part page with that
source list web part on it. The page must be in edit mode, so you can insert the web part of the
list that has a lookup to that source.
If you were just adding that inserted web part to the page, it would be placed by default at the
top of the zone. However, since it’s being filtered by the source list, an inserted related web part
is placed below the source list.
To see this in action, let’s go to the Customers list. It doesn’t have to be the source list’s
content page, but that’s convenient, since the Customers list view web part is already there. (If you
want to do this on the home page, add the Customers web part to the page first), but you need
to put the page into edit mode. You can personalize the page (Account menu, Personalize This
Page) if you want to insert a related list web part to just the logged-in person’s version of the
page, or you can edit the default view (or a new view) of the list (Site Actions, Edit page).
1. For this example, you will just personalize the page by going to the Account menu on the
Customers list and clicking Personalize This Page.
2. Once the page is in edit mode, click the Web Part Tools Options tab.
In the Options ribbon, there is an Insert Related List button.
3. Click the down arrow below the Insert Related List button to access the drop-down
menu. If there are any lists using the lists on the page (there can be more than one list
view web part here) as a source, they will be available to be selected in the Insert Related
List drop-down menu.
In this case, the only list using Customers as a lookup source is Sales (Figure 7.50).
4. To insert a Sales list view web part below the existing Customers web part on the page
and connect the two, click Sales in that Insert Related List drop-down menu.
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