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So, you’ve seen the training wheels version of connecting web parts, using related lists. Now it’s
time to look under the hood and see how easy connecting web parts really is.
If you were to put two web parts on the same page that had a lookup field in common, such as Sales
and Customers, you could connect them, like Related Lists, but with more control.
1 .
First put the page into edit mode; then click the down arrow in the title bar of the web part you’d
like to use to filter the other web part, and select Connections.
2 .
It will pop out a menu of options for the kind of connection you want to make:
Send Row of Data To: If this option is selected, this web part will be the one that filters the
other by what item is chosen from its contents.
Get Parameters From: Generally not applicable for list view web parts, this option is used
to send parameters from one web part, such as a data view web part, to another.
Get Filter Values From: If this option is selected, the contents of the web part will be filtered
to match the common field data from the item selected in the other web part.
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