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In this case, Sales is going to get filter values from the other list view web part on the page (in
our example that will be Customers) and be filtered by it (essentially choosing to make the
connection from the list being filtered, instead of the one forcing the filter). When the option
is selected, it pops out the list of possible web parts to connect with. When you select the list
you want to connect with, a Configure Connection dialog box will open.
The box prompts you to select the Provider field, which will provide the data to filter the
connected list. T he Consumer field is the field in common on the connected list that w ill be filtered
by the Provider data.
4 .
In my example, the Provider field is the Company field from the Customers list, and the
Consumer field is, conveniently enough, the Company field from the Sales table (they’re not
always going to have the same field name; it’s the data that counts). Once you’ve finished
specifying the connection settings and are back on the page, finish and close out of edit mode. Your
lists will be connected.
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