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5 .
If you change the v iew of the content in either list and the common field is not displayed in both
of them anymore, it will break the connection. To remove the connection on purpose, bring
the Configure Connection box back up (in edit mode, click the down arrow in the title bar, click
Connections, and select the existing connection between the web parts).
6 . In the dialog box, a Remove Connection button will be available. Use it to remove the
connection between the two lists.
If you wanted to get fancy, you could have a web part be the row provider and filter several other list
view web parts on the page. So, when one record in the row provider is chosen, it filters all the
connected web parts. Or have one web part filter another, and that web part filter another, and so on.
The Bottom Line
Create a list from a template. SharePoint has, in addition to a few convenient prebuilt lists,
ready-to-go templates of common lists. This makes it very easy to simply create a new list
based on an existing template and then customize it, rather than having to create one like it
from scratch.
Master It What list template creates a list that is meant to work with the Three-State
workflow? How would you go about creating that list?
Create a custom list. In addition to the prebuilt lists and the templates, SharePoint has the
option to create custom lists from scratch. Lists can be custom made in two ways: by
importing from an Excel spreadsheet or by manually building one. All lists require at least one field
(by default the Title field) and include system-generated columns for ID, Created By, and
Modified By.
Master It You’re creating a custom list to track inventory. You need to make sure that,
during the data entry process, the item number field is never left blank and is unique for
each item and that purchase levels never exceed storage levels.
Display related lists. This version of SharePoint has expanded its capabilities regarding
related lists, from enforcing relationships and allowing additional related fields to more
easily displaying related data in list view web parts.
Master It How would you go about filtering the contents of one list based upon the
value in another, related list? What is the essential element that allows you to do this?
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