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Chapter 8
Introduction to Libraries
SharePoint libraries are lists intended to be used for managing documents. Their list items are
focused on the files attached to them, with features specific to handling the creation and editing
of those files, such as requiring check-in/checkout, versioning, and content approval. Libraries
make it easier for users to work together on documents in a consistent and secure manner.
Libraries are often the most compelling reason people even consider using SharePoint. They are
generally the foundation of the collaborative work users might need to accomplish, whether that
involves sharing documents, spreadsheets, slide shows, or forms.
In this chapter, you’ll learn how to
Create a library
Use the different kinds of libraries
Set check out, content approval, and versioning
Manage content types
What Are Libraries?
Libraries are lists that are known by, and focused on, the kinds of files they will contain. There
are four types of libraries:
Document Library The name document library rather obscures what this type of library
really is. A document library is a list that creates a new file of some type whenever you create
a new list item. The file type depends on what template you associate with the list itself (and
doesn’t have to be a document template). If you enable content types, the file type depends
on what type of library list items (and their associated template) you want to have available
for the list. This list also has features such as content approval, versioning, RSS, and
incoming email. In addition, libraries can also mark their list items as checked in or checked out,
locking the list item and its attached file as read-only on checkout and unlocking the item
upon check-in to the library. This feature is unique to libraries. Document libraries also have
an option to open the library with Explorer that lets you see the contents of the library as
file system icons instead of list items. SharePoint document libraries are supposed to replace
file shares; opening the library in Explorer helps make users comfortable with the
transition. This view makes it easy to drag and drop files that need to be stored in a library from
a file share. In addition, document libraries can make good use of content types and folders
that may not be clearly useful for other types of lists. A document library can also spawn
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