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Uploading a Document to a Library
To upload one or more files to a library, just click the Add Document link at the bottom of the
library’s content area, which opens the Upload Document box (see Figure 8.2). It has a check box
that allows you to save over an existing file and add the changes you’ve made to that file’s
version history (if versioning is enabled).
The Upload
Document box
Notice also that, if you have an Office (2003, 2007, 2010) product installed, you could choose
to upload multiple files, which would open a page where you can browse to a location and select
more than one file to upload. (You can also choose to upload multiple files by clicking the down
arrow under the Upload Document button in the Documents ribbon and choosing it from the
drop-down menu.)
My example keeps things simple and uploads only one file (named uploaded in this case).
Simply browse to the file you’d like to upload, select it, and click Open in the Choose File dialog
box. Once the path for the file is listed on the Upload Document page, click OK to add the file to
the document library. (Keep in mind that you can only browse to a file; you cannot type in the
path manually.)
When you add a file to a document library, it actually creates a library list item and adds the
file to it. In Figure 8.3, you can see by the icon in the Type column that the file type for my
example’s new library item is a Word document. SharePoint will try to figure out what the file type
is and indicate it; otherwise, it will display a default file icon. The name of the file is the linked
field for the library item.
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