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the first time, it also creates the library item for the file and populates the item’s fields with the
properties of the file associated with it.
To create a new document based on the library’s template, follow these steps:
1. Click on the Documents tab in the top ribbon bar if the Documents ribbon is not already
active. Then click the New Item button in the Documents ribbon.
2. You very likely will get a dialog box ironically warning you that some files can harm
your computer and that you are opening a template.docx file from the SharePoint
server. Click OK if that Warning dialog box appears.
3. A new Word document will open. Simply type some text into the document, and save it.
You’ll be prompted to name the file; my example uses newdoc (Figure 8.4). In the Save
As dialog box, the file is being saved to the Shared Documents library on the SharePoint
server, which is http://sp2 in my example.
Saving a new
document to the Shared
Documents library
4. Name the file, and click Save.
5. Close the Word document.
The Shared Documents library is set to use a Word 2007/2010-compatible .dotx template.
However, you can create a document library that uses a .dot template if you need the backward
Two Word documents are now in the Shared Documents library.
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