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Setting properties
for the new column
Of course, the required field will be blank for the documents already in the library because
they were created before the field was. However, because the field is required, if these
documents are edited, the field will have to contain data before their changes can be saved—and of
course, this field will need to be filled in for new documents as well.
Editing a Document with a Required Field
To prove that we can’t save a document that doesn’t have required fields filled in, let’s edit the
document we created.
1. To edit a document in a document library, there are a few options (from this point, I’ll
probably always suggest only one). You can simply click its filename or click the down arrow at
the end of the Name field to trigger the item’s drop-down menu and select Edit In Microsoft
Office Word. You can also select the item and click Edit Document in the ribbon.
2. A Warning dialog box will come up reminding you that you will be opening a file. Make
sure it displays the filename you want, and click OK.
Word might prompt you for your SharePoint login. Your login does two things. It
confirms that you can access the location of the file. And if you want to use the shared
workspace pane (available only to versions prior to 2010) to work with the document, your
login tells Word who you are so it can propagate the pane with the correct data.
3. If you open the document in Word 2010, you will likely get a warning like the one in
Figure 8.7, because the document now has required properties. If you get the warning,
click the Edit Properties button. It will open the Document information panel and display
the editable fields for the document library.
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