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If you are feeling left out because you didn’t get prompted to log in, fear not. If you are logged into
the client computer with the same account used to access the library and the site’s address is a
local intranet zone in that computer’s Internet Explorer, then you may not get the prompt to log in
because it will pass the local user’s credentials transparently.
The properties
warning in
Word 2010
The fields for the library are considered server property fields, because most Word documents
come with properties of their own, such as summary, author, tags, and so on. If you use the
document properties, rather than the server document properties, they will not show up in SharePoint.
Make sure you are looking at the server properties to access the document library fields for the
In Figure 8.8, the Project field is marked with a red asterisk. This means it must contain
data if you want to save the changes you will be making to this document. Also
displayed in the information panel is a Location field, showing you the URL of the location
where Word thinks the document came from and where it will be shared to.
Properties – Server
fields for a library
4. As a test, edit the document but don’t ill in the required field, and then click Save to
save your changes. You will immediately get an Error dialog box warning you that this
file cannot be saved because some properties are missing or invalid. This means, in this
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