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case, that you did not ill in the Project field. To ix the issue, click the Go To Document
Information Panel button in the dialog box (Figure 8.9). It will take you back to the
Document information panel so you can enter the required data. (If you are using a
version of Word prior to 2007, a pop-up box will appear when you save changes instead of an
information panel. You can enter your data changes in the pop-up box.)
Required field
warning dialog box
5. In the Document information panel, enter data into the Project field. In my example, I
used the word Example as the data in the Project field. Then click the convenient Retry
Save button, which will be located just below the Document information panel in a
Required Properties banner. Now that the field has data in it, the Save function will work
fine. Close Word, and go back to the Shared Documents library in SharePoint.
Back in SharePoint, as you can see in Figure 8.10, the newdoc item (or whatever you
named your document) now has data in its Project field. If your users are using Word
2010, encourage them to use the Document information panel. This provides a convenient
way to see the library item fields for the document and easily manage data.
The new document
with Project field
data in the library
6. The Document information panel generally doesn’t open automatically unless there is an
empty field that requires data. To open it manually within Word 2010, select the File tab.
On the right side of the document’s information page, the properties for the
document will be displayed. There users can edit or ill in fields (Figure 8.11) without the
information panel. Remember that there are two kinds of properties: Word and Server
(SharePoint). Be sure the users are on the Document Properties – Server information.
7. Now that there is a required field, if you upload a file to the Shared Documents library,
you will be prompted to ill in the required field before the upload can finish. To
demonstrate this, click the Upload Document button in the Documents ribbon, and upload a file
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