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name can cause intermittent issues with the original folder. You can use the Forms folder to
access and easily edit the template for the library, as well as access the standard ASPX pages for
the library such as AllItems.aspx (which is the All Documents default view for the library).
The Server OS does not have the WebClient service installed by default, which is required in order to
use the Open With Explorer capability. To be able to open libraries in Explorer while on the server,
you have to install the Desktop Experience feature on the server, which will install the WebClient
service (along with a bunch of stuff you probably don’t want). Then you need to start the service.
To open Explorer to display the library’s contents in a separate window (Figure 8.13), activate
the Library ribbon, and then select the tiny Open With Explorer button in the Connect & Export
section. You may be prompted for your SharePoint login credentials again to make certain you
have the right to access the library as a web folder.
The Open With
Windows Explorer
Your login permissions on the local computer will impact which user account SharePoint will use
when accessing a resource. Because Explorer is part of the operating system, it will use the locally
logged-in account as the context allowed to access that library, regardless of the credentials you
use to log in to SharePoint in the browser.
This is generally not a problem for most users. If their workstations are part of the domain, they
are logged into that machine with the same login they would use in SharePoint. However, if you
are testing what Open With Explorer might look like for a user with lesser permissions than you
have, from your machine it might look like they have access to more than they actually do. You need
to log on locally as that user and then access SharePoint to see the full effect of their permissions.
This also affects the way Page View web parts work if they are accessing shares where permissions
might be an issue.
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