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To easily move files from a file share to the library, simply drag and drop them into the
Explorer window. For example, a document named Security Management.docx was dragged and
dropped from a folder on my hard drive to the library in Figure 8.14. Transferring files this way is
essentially the same as uploading them; the files will be considered checked out and unavailable
to other users until data is entered into the required fields and the files are checked in.
A document added
to the library using
Open with Explorer
It’s easy to add multiple documents to a library, either using an Explorer window or doing an upload of
multiple files using the Upload button on the Action bar. If you upload multiple files at once, remember
that if they have required fields, they are checked out until you ill in those fields, and then you can check
them in. Keep in mind that an uploaded file is not visible to any other user until it is checked in.
If you choose to upload multiple files on a machine without Silverlight, the interface will look like
this (personally I prefer it this way):
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