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With Silverlight, it will look like this:
You can then use Datasheet view to more easily ill in the required fields of those items in bulk,
rather than entering each item individually. Chapter 6, “Introduction to Lists,” covers Datasheet
view and manipulating views in general.
Of course, as an administrator, not only are you going to need to know how to use Open
With Explorer, you are going to need to be able to troubleshoot it as well. Because of this, there
are some details that you might need to know about how Open With Explorer works with
SharePoint in order to support it.
SharePoint’s Windows Explorer capability uses Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning
(WebDAV) to make Open With Explorer possible. Occasionally, there are issues using Explorer
with SharePoint. Here are two of the most common problems and their solutions:
Common Tasks Bar Shows Up on Left Side of Explorer Window Explorer is controlled by
the user’s Folder Option settings on the computer they are using to access SharePoint. To get
rid of that bar, open Windows Explorer on that computer, go to the Tools menu, and select
Folder Options. Set the folder to use Windows classic folder view.
Open with Windows Explorer Won’t Work This particularly occurs on servers, which don’t
have WebDAV enabled by default. Make certain that the WebClient service is running on the
computer being used to access the library. For Server 2008 or 2008 R2, you will need to install
the Desktop Experience feature on the server itself (using Server Manager) to make WebClient
available. It will then need to be enabled (the role just makes the services available).
As you know, if folders are enabled, you can add them to lists and libraries. This feature is enabled
by default on most libraries, and the button is usually the third one in the Documents ribbon.
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