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document, while they are editing it, someone else can also open the document and edit a copy
of it as well. This can cause essentially two versions of the document to exist, one with the edits
of one person and another one with the edits of the other. The last person to save the document
will have their edits displayed as the most recent document, making the other person’s edits
seem as if they have been “lost” because they were saved as an “older” version of the document.
To require that a document automatically prompts to be checked out when someone edits it
and cannot be checked in by anyone but that person, you must enable the requirement under
the library settings.
A setting at the bottom of the Versioning Settings page allows you to require Check Out. The
Versioning Settings page actually has all kinds of useful settings that we will revisit later in the
“Versioning” section of this chapter.
Take these steps to access the Require Check Out setting:
1. Click Library Settings in the Library ribbon.
2. On the Document Library Settings page that appears, select Versioning Settings under
the General Settings category.
3. On the Versioning Settings page, scroll to the bottom to the Require Check Out section (see
Figure 8.15), and select Yes to require documents be checked out before they can be edited.
The Require Check
Out setting
4. Then click OK to finish. That should take you back to the Document Library Settings
page for the library.
To return to the content page, click the name of the Shared Documents library in the title
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