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You should type a comment in the box. Do not select Keep The Document Checked Out After
Checking In This Version, because versioning isn’t enabled yet (we will be doing that later in the
chapter), and click OK to finish.
You might think this is a contradiction of terms, keeping the document checked out after checking
it in, but you can save a copy of your changes as a version of the document in the library and then
keep it checked out to work on it some more. This lets you make a backup version of the document
in the library, just in case.
In the Shared Documents library, newdoc no longer has the green arrow indicating it is
checked out. It is free to be checked out by other contributors. If another user accesses the
document now, it will show all changes, including those withheld from everyone else while the
document was checked out. This really indicates why no one should be using the document until
the user who checked it out is finished editing it.
Discarding Checkout
What happens if someone checks out a document for too long? What would happen if
documents are left checked out because of a user emergency or because the user left the company?
To recover a document that is checked out by someone else, you can log in as that user and
check in the document for them, or you can go into the Document Library settings and
discard their checkout.
As you know, you can have items that may be checked out with no saved changes and no
versions in the library (for example, if a file is dropped into a library in Explorer). However, if
a document has been changed at least once in a library, then it can be “rolled back” to its state
before it was checked out most recently. This is useful in those situations when the document
must be returned to the library to be checked out by others. In that case, the administrator or
someone with the permission Override Check Out can click Discard Check Out in the item’s
drop-down menu (Figure 8.20). You could also select the item and click the tiny Discard Check
Out button (it has the same icon) in the Documents ribbon.
Discard Check Out
in the item
dropdown menu
Either way, this will check in the document and discard the changes made to the document
and its property fields while it was checked out (basically reverting it to its most recent version
before checkout).
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