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Managing Checked-Out Files
If the document has never been checked in, if it was uploaded by someone, or if it was left
checked out and otherwise has no versions to roll back to, then it needs to be managed in a
different way. Changing that file from checked out to checked in requires that someone take
ownership of it:
1. Click the Library Settings button in the Library ribbon.
To do this exercise, I logged in as a user (saffron) other than our usual SharePoint admin (sharead-
min) and dragged a document into the library without entering data in the Project field. That left
the document checked out without any changes. Then I logged back in as shareadmin to
continue this process. This created a document that the administrator could take ownership of for
this demonstration.
2. In the Document Library Settings page, click Manage Files Which Have No Checked In
Version under the Permissions And Management category.
On the Checked Out Files page (Figure 8.21), you’ll note that although there may be many
checked-out files in the library, only those with no checked-in version are listed (see the
subheading below the breadcrumb). Earlier in the chapter, a document was dragged into
the library using Explorer. It should still be waiting for you to enter data into its required
field so you can check it in. However, you already own that library item, so you don’t
need to take ownership of it (it’s in the Files Checked Out To Me section). Note that the
file is a link and has no check box next to it to select it. That’s because to check that
document in, all you need do is simply check it in yourself back on the library’s content page.
If there are documents that are checked out but don’t belong to you, they will be listed
under Files Checked Out To Others.
The Checked Out
Files page
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