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Enabling major and minor (draft) versions unlocks the Draft Item Security section. That
is where you can also limit the ability to see a minor version of a document to anyone
who can read items in the lists, only people who can edit items, or only those allowed to
approve items if you enable content approval.
4. In this library, let’s allow the creation of both major and minor versions. See Figure 8.23
for the settings to limit the number of versions allowed per document in this library to
six major versions and allow only five of those to have drafts. For draft item security, let’s
allow anyone who can read items in the library to be able to see minor versions of
documents. This will change when you enable content approval.
Versioning settings
5. Once the settings are complete, click OK at the bottom of the page to finish enabling
6. Now that versioning is enabled in the library, let’s go to the library’s content page and
start creating document versions. To do this, click the Shared Documents link in the
breadcrumb above the title of the page.
If versioning is enabled but major and minor versioning is not selected, then all versions are major
versions using a whole-number versioning scheme.
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